• More cash in the bank
  • Reduced debtor days
  • Reduced bad debts
  • Reduced time spent on admin
  • Full support of a credit management specialist behind the service
  • Easy transition into debt recovery activity
  • Easy terms – pay as you use or annual licence
  • Hassle free with minimal client effort required

How many times have you wished you could contact customers easily and quickly to chase payment? Your sales ledger may produce statements but what about chase letters? Can you email them automatically?

Customer contact = improved cash flow. We all know that the secret to getting paid on time is to keep regular contact with your customer. Chasing invoices only when they are overdue is never going to improve your cash flow over the long term - the secret is to avoid overdue invoices in the first place. Invoice follow up generally gets put to the bottom of the "to do" pile but with minimal investment you can change this.

Our eCollection service is fully email based, and is an automated debt collection system designed to help you collect your invoice debts quicker and more efficiently. Our hosted software means there are no IT hassles for you - all you need is internet access and the ability to send us data on the invoices you issue and your customers' contact email addresses.

eCollections brings real pro-activity to the invoice debt collection chasing sequence. Statements and pre due emails in your name, from your email address and with your branding, help ensure that the excuses for non-payment are removed before due date, and our automation means you don't have to waste time manually chasing invoices.

You always have the support back up of our highly experienced team, and where payment is not received, eCollections has seamless integration to our debt recovery and legal escalation services.

Tiered pricing also makes eCollections a great value solution. Email us at, request a call back or phone us on 0845 680 8845. All initial consultations are free and with no obligation.




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Client testimonial

"We wanted an automated solution to help remove some of the manual grind of our invoice chasing. eCollections has delivered that and it’s good to have the back up of Octempo:RM behind it."

“Very good company to deal with, their customer service and interaction with us is excellent.”

“Within a short space of time they delivered a significant reduction in our aged debt profile and have brought greater discipline to the credit control process. The professionalism with which Octempo:RM approach our customers has also ensured that we have had no issues with jeopardising customer relationships.”