Credit management


  • Managed and reduced credit risk
  • Real time view of risk, credit checks and credit limits
  • Pay as you use access to credit control experts
  • Through-life customer credit checking
  • Reduced bad debt exposure
  • Single provider for all credit management needs

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Our range of credit management services are offered on a pay as you use basis with no tie-ins, just pick and choose what you need:

  • Full credit review – get expert advice on the credit risk in your customer base. Full review by an experienced Credit Manager to include suggested credit limits, profitable trading strategies and re-check frequency
  • One-off credit checks – use our buying power to reduce your costs on credit check reports, and use our expertise to interpret the results. Not only in the UK but we also specialise in offering international reports and the all important interpretation of the results, utilising our international trading knowledge
  • Through life monitoring – utilise our alert services and research capabilities to create pro-active alerts for news stories impacting your customers creditworthiness
  • Credit policy development – bring it all together and have us develop a comprehensive credit policy for your business
  • Other services include "on stop" list management; customer visits; credit management consultancy; review of customer financial accounts; and customer segmentation by credit risk

Gain and advantage over your competitors and enjoy:

  • Fully identified and quantified customer credit risk, clearly explained and understood
  • Professional strategies to manage credit risk and allow profitable trading with higher risk customers – crucial in the current economic climate
  • Access to news alert services realting to your customers and pro-active credit management to spot credit problems early
  • Reduced bad debt write off through better management of credit risk
  • Cost effective access to credit check information – no need to buy a costly annual subscription
  • Comfort of having an experienced credit manager on call, but only paying for what you use

Managing credit risk and exceeding the expectations of our clients drives our business. As a result we love to talk about what we do.  Email us at, request a call back or phone us on 0845 680 8845. All initial consultations are free and with no obligation.

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Client testimonial


"We were having real issues setting credit limits, partly due to knowledge and partly due to a lack of confidence. We realised that we couldn’t grow our customer base and business without taking risks, but we didn’t know how to properly manage that credit risk. Bringing Octempo on board has been a real eye-opener and allowed us to drive sales knowing that professionals were managing the credit risk"

"The first time I used Octempo we were a very small business with a turnover of just £75k, but immediately I was impressed by the way they took care of us. We didn’t have the first clue about credit risk and they spent a lot of time explaining what they were doing, as well as getting on with it. As the business has grown, Octempo have been right alongside us as an invaluable partner. I think the most impressive contribution they make is managing credit risk so we can trade profitably and confidently with higher risk customers – an absolute godsend in a recession"