Outsourced Credit Control and Business Credit Management Services

What is credit control outsourcing?

Put simply, it is outsourcing the activity that converts an invoice into cash. This process for getting invoices paid is crucial in any business as the conversion to cash has to be as efficient as possible. Done well, the activity is more akin to high quality customer service - you are touching your customers after all. Done badly, invoice chasing can quickly alienate customers, jeopardise repeat business and damage your reputation. Typically the services will be delivered in your name, with your branding, as a seamless extension of your business.

At Octempo:RM we offer a high quality and highly pro-active credit control service. We take great pride in what we do and consequently we have prepared a simple checklist to ensure you get the right commercial credit control service provider for your business.

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Why do companies look to outsource credit control?

The reasons for outsourcing credit control are varied. Below are just a few examples:

  • Some businesses simply want to improve their credit control and cash flow - click here to see a case study
  • Some businesses struggle to get the time to chase payment for invoices - click here to see a case study
  • Others have been frustrated trying, and failing, to find good quality credit controllers - click here to see a case study
  • Certain exporters need language support for their overseas collections but it is not cost effective to provide this in-house - click here to see a case study
  • Larger businesses value the ability to get some more horsepower to drive down their UK debtors as an add-on to in-house staff - click here to see a case study
  • Companies with low value high volume invoicing need easy access IT solutions to bring automation to their process - click here to see a case study
  • High growth businesses look for scaleable credit control solutions that can grow and flex with them - click here to see a case study
  • Businesses looking to centralise international credit control in one place from the UK - click here to see a case study

You may simply be looking to reduce the cost of your finance team and improve performance - Whatever the reason, Octempo:RM has a solution to fit your business.

Our outsourced credit control solutions carry your branding, operate as an extension of your business in your name, and are supported by a high quality team of credit control experts. Our credit control team will improve cash flow and reduce your operating costs.

We provide solutions tailored for each individual client and we offer dedicated resources to work on your account so your customers always speak with the same highly professional people. This allows our credit control staff to build the relationship with your customers ensuring you are always top of the payment list, improving your cash flow.

Our solutions also give you access to cutting edge software and an industry leading real time information portal, accessed with the click of a mouse. Configuring the service is easy - you just send us a data file and we do the rest. We bring real pro-activity to the credit control invoice chase sequence.

What do clients who have moved their credit control to us say?

In our most recent customer survey, 100% of respondents stated is was either likely or extremely likely that they would recommend Octempo:RM to another business.

When rating our staff, across a range of areas including overall knowledge, courteousness, professionalism, helpfulness and communication, 68% of respondents assessed our staff as excellent and the remaining 32% assessed them as good.

"The Octempo guys have provided us with a solution, not just a service, and we have taken on board many of their simple recommendations to improve our internal commercial processes to maximise cash flow"

"We have engaged the outsourced credit control services of Octempo:RM for over two years and have been delighted with the results"

"They quickly got to grips with our order to cash process, tidied up the ledger they inherited and started to drive far better process and cash flow. Our parent company in Sweden is similarly delighted with the results, particularly because they can also access online information regarding credit risk and cash flow via the Octempo:RM online portal"

Improving cash flow and exceeding the expectations of our clients drives our business. As a result we love to talk about what we do. Email us at Sales@Octempo.com, request a call back or phone us on 0845 680 8845. All initial credit control consultations are free and with no obligation.