The Octempo:RM Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Octempo:RM is so confident in the quality of our services that we have introduced a unique guarantee on our work: we guarantee to improve your debtor days within three months. In the highly unlikely event that we don’t manage to do that, we will refund all fees paid immediately and you walk away.

What have you got to lose? With prices from as little as £15 per live account per month, combined with the extremely professional service from Octempo:RM and the Octempo:RM Guarantee, why not give it a try?

Octempo:RM can operate in tandem with your existing credit management and cash collections activity, for example by taking care of your overseas customers, or manage your complete process for you.

For more a no obligation discussion on how Octempo:RM can help you to get paid quicker contact Julian or Ed on 0845 6808845 or for more information e-mail us at

Improvement Metrics

Payment Days - A recent survey of debtor DSO by Siemens Financial Services highlighted the following:
  • DSO for companies with fewer than 49 employees was 80 days
  • DSO for companies with 50 to 249 employees was 62
  • For FTSE-500 companies the DSO dropped to just 47 days

Adequacy of Resources - According to Nelson Hall, whilst 79 per cent of UK FDs think that credit management is highly important to their organisation, only half of these are satisfied with their in-house capability