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Octempo:RM makes collecting overseas payments easier for road haulage firms

03 September 2010

Octempo:RM Make Collecting Overseas Payments Easier For Road Haulage Firms

Cash flow management specialist Octempo:RM has embarked on a crusade to help road haulage firms by rolling out their international credit control service.

The Warrington-based company has won contracts with a number of courier, shipping and air freight companies this year, and believes the ability to collect payments in up to 27 languages is a major factor.

Operating in the client’s name, Octempo RM uses foreign nationals to communicate more effectively when sending out invoices, making follow-up calls and taking payments from overseas companies.

Understanding the language, and more importantly the business culture, is crucial to building a good relationship with a foreign client, and could make the difference between being paid promptly or late, or even being paid at all.

Managing Director Julian Llewellyn said: “Cash flow is a major headache for road haulage firms, particularly when dealing with companies from overseas.

“The international nature of their work means haulage firms must have an understanding of business cultures in foreign countries, as well as the language. We support a large number of hauliers engaged in domestic and international groupage, full load and back load activity.

“We have had great successes in the sector this year. We have tailored our offer specifically to the needs of shippers, forwarders and hauliers. We are confident we can deliver improved cash flow within three months – we will give customers a full refund if that doesn’t happen.”

Octempo RM offers a range of services across the whole order to cash cycle, including sales ledger management, credit risk management, credit control, early arrears collection and debt recovery.

They can deal with companies in various languages including French, Russian, Portuguese and even Cantonese!

Their modular service allows companies to pick and choose from their services and only pay for what they use.

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