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Octempo Speaks OH2’s Language When It Comes To Chasing Payments

13 August 2010

Octempo Speaks OH2’s Language When It Comes To Chasing Payments

A translations business is getting the help they need to become established in the UK from a unique cash flow management specialist, who can chase invoice payments in up to 27 different languages.

OH2 International, which has offices in Madrid and Barcelona, and has recently opened its UK headquarters in Keele, Staffordshire, specialises in all types of translations, including brochures, websites and even Sat Nav systems. They have clients across Europe.

This means alongside the typical concerns associated with building a new business, like finding new customers and getting paid on time, OH2 also have to contend with chasing payments from foreign customers.

The collaboration with Warrington-based Octempo:RM has reduced those concerns, because they handle the whole order to cash cycle on OH2’s behalf – including conversing with clients in Spanish, Portuguese, German and even Catalan – indeed any language required.

OH2’s Managing Director John Bendel said: “Joining forces with Octempo:RM has enabled me to focus on bringing in business, as I can pass everything over to them as soon as the order has been confirmed.

“As a result we are starting to set strong foundations in the UK, have opened an office in Germany, and are looking to open another in Poland – which Octempo will be able to help me with as they can also chase payments in Polish.”

Octempo:RM have been offering this service for six months. Octempo’s Directors claim companies will increasingly turn to speaking their customer’s language, because it helps to build rapport and handle their enquiries more efficiently.

It is also a very important factor for companies which are looking to develop international trade links.

Octempo:RM’s Managing Director Julian Llewellyn said: “We typically use nationals of the relevant country to handle all communications with our client’s customers.

“This is a key factor because they understand the culture of their country, rather than just speaking the language.

“In some countries this is very important – in Germany, for example, you have to be very direct, but by contrast, small talk is expected when dealing with Spanish companies.

“Getting that wrong could make it harder to get the outstanding invoice paid quickly and hold on to that customer.”

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