Credit Protect


  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduced debt write off
  • Pay-as-you-use specialist services
  • Access commercial skills to manage commercial debt
  • Understand and manage credit risk
  • Real time view of forecast cash flow
  • International reach and language skills
  • Significant cost savings over in-house credit control staff

Credit protect

Credit Protect - essential protection for universities against commercial bad debt

With reduced domestic funding for student places, universities are increasing looking at additional ways of generating revenue. One of these revenue options is selling the skills and experience of the university into the commercial market. This introduces a further element of risk that needs to be managed and protected against.

Credit Protect services include:

  • Credit risk management - setting and policing of credit limits and visibility of the trading risk the university may be taking on with commercial customers. In the current economic environment trading risk, or the risk of potential debt default, is highly important and constantly evolving, and as such needs to be regularly and consistently reviewed
  • Outsourced commercial credit control - credit control for commercial customers from point of invoice issue through to receipt of cash. For many of our university clients this is an area they have looked to strengthen, particularly as the different types of invoiced debt they generate have differing levels of complexity. We have a significant track record in providing outsourced credit control services across many different market sectors
  • Commercial debt recovery - acting as a specialist debt collection agency in our name, for both UK and international debt, to get those debts paid

We understand and manage the creditworthiness of new customers. The information and advice we provide is invaluable when deciding if and how to trade with them. We also stay close to your customers whilst the invoice is outstanding using our skills and experience, taking the hassle, uncertainty and frustration away. If need be, we contact our debt collection division to move quickly and get overdue debts paid.

Benefits to your business

  • • Fully identified and quantified commercial customer credit risk, clearly explained and understood
  • • Professional strategies to manage credit risk and allow profitable trading with higher risk customers – crucial in the current economic climate
  • • Commercial alert services and pro-active credit management to spot credit problems early
  • • Reduced bad debt write off through better management of credit risk
  • • Cost effective access to credit information
  • • Comfort of having an experienced credit manager on call, but only paying for what you use
  • • International credit risk managed professionally by credit managers expert in overseas trade

Improving cash flow and exceeding the expectations of our clients drives our business. As a result we love to talk about what we do. Email us at, request a call back or phone us on 0845 680 8845. All initial consultations are free and with no obligation.

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Client testimonial

"We were having real issues setting credit limits, partly due to knowledge and partly due to a lack of confidence. We realised that we couldn’t grow our customer base and business without taking risks, but we didn’t know how to properly manage that credit risk. Bringing Octempo on board has been a real eye opener and allowed us to drive sales knowing that professionals were managing the credit risk."

"The university was simply not assessing or managing credit risk. We didn’t have the skills to do it ourselves and recruiting in the necessary skills would have been expensive and difficult to achieve, and then we would have still had to manage the activity closely. For our commercial invoicing Octempo have taken all these challenges away. Their commercial experience and approach has been an eye opener for us and we have implemented some of their good practice in other areas of our credit control. Using Octempo means we can focus on managing the student debt. "